We drive technology education forward and improve access for all.

From getting a promotion to getting out of poverty, education has the power to improve living conditions for everyone.

We've made it our mission to improve technology education by creating better and more accessible learning materials and online tools, and by partnering with local tech hubs in the Global South to maximise our reach and lower barriers to entry.

TrainingCloud is a fully self-funded startup, fueled by passion for education, accesssibility, and opensource software, in particular Drupal and PHP.

It's our ultimate goal to help anyone master Drupal, PHP, MySQL, and Linux System Administration, and offer everything they need to learn and pass official certification exams.

TrainingCloud BV

Dieststestraat 12/5 3000 Leuven Belgium
VAT: BE0743929028 IBAN: BE80 7340 4853 5977 BIC: KREDBEBB

Meet the team

We're a fully remote company – anchored in Belgium, spread across the world

Core members

Picture of Joeri Poesen

Joeri Poesen


Training Director

Picture of Justine Pocock

Justine Pocock

Design & Usability Lead

Picture of Joachim Noreiko

Joachim Noreiko

Technology Lead

Picture of Emmanuelle Bouiti

Emmanuelle Bouiti

Communication & Media Strategist

Picture of Rose Nichols

Rose Nichols

Design & Front-end Developer

Picture of Karoly Negyesi

Karoly Negyesi

Drupal Expert In-Residence

Picture of Thi Đặng Đình

Thi Đặng Đình

Drupal Developer

Picture of Miguel Jacq

Miguel Jacq

Sysadmin Consultant

Advisory team

Picture of Lies Van Rompaey

Lies Van Rompaey

Education expert

Founder, Edulogos

Picture of Greg Harvey

Greg Harvey

Founder, Code Enigma

Picture of Simon Elliott

Simon Elliott

Director of Technical Account Management, Acquia

Picture of Bert Decoutere

Bert Decoutere

Innovation Lead, Center for Creative Leadership

Picture of Yves Parren

Yves Parren

Co-founder, DzjinTonik

Picture of Farez Rahman

Farez Rahman

Drupal Developer and Author