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About Trainingcloud

Looking for technology education? Technical onboarding? Short term training or long term coaching? 

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TrainingCloud is a fully self-funded startup, fueled by passion for technology education and opensource software - in particular Drupal and PHP.

Our mission is to help anyone master Drupal, PHP, MySQL, and Linux System Administration, and offer everything you need to learn and pass globally recognized certification exams such as Acquia Certification.

Whether you're looking for a job, level yourself up in your current job, or just like learning for fun, we've got you.

We help you build a solid foundation for your learning: from foundational concepts to exercises, tips & tricks, and current recommended practices.

While video courses are popular, they tend to encourage passive consumption of information; we favour active learning through text-based materials, lab activities, and tools like our Drupal sandbox environments, Cloud Editor (web IDE), and browser-based PHP interpreter.

Clear learning materials that teach solid opensource technology concepts supported by evidence-based instructional design approaches... that's our jam.

TrainingCloud BV

[email protected]

Dieststestraat 12/5, 
3000 Leuven 

VAT: BE0743929028 
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